As a Senior Policy Analyst at the Council of State Governments, Amanda worked in a bipartisan way with elected officials all over the country on some of the biggest challenges facing state and local governments today.  This included her work on public safety and environmental quality as well as her work with the private sector on creating a business-friendly environment.        

Public Safety–Ensuring safe streets, parks and neighborhoods

The most important job of local government is to ensure the public safety of its citizens.  It is critical that our kids can play in parks that are free of crime and drugs. Our seniors deserve the security to answer their doors and sit outside on their front porch without fear.  Over 60% of our budget is invested in public safety and it is vital that our first responders have the resources needed to keep our families and neighborhoods safe.  Amanda is the only candidate in this race endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police Bluegrass Lodge 4 and the Lexington Fire Fighters IAFF 526.  She is also the only candidate who has served as an adjunct faculty member on homeland security policy.

Infrastructure–Investing in roads, sewers and basic infrastructure

The other main priority for Lexington’s city government is to properly invest in roads and basic infrastructure.   The unwillingness of city leaders of the past to invest in both the sanitary and storm water sewer systems is unacceptable.  This failure resulted in the US EPA decent decree and could cost Lexington taxpayers over $600 million.  Amanda will work to ensure the city’s infrastructure is given attention and resources for the future.  She is the only candidate in the race with experience working on water quality issues with the EPA.

Economic Development—Creating a business friendly environment

Over 80% of the city’s budget comes from payroll taxes. If people aren’t working, they aren’t helping provide the resources our city needs to provide basic services. In essence, the stronger the local economy is, then the stronger our city is.  Amanda will continue to support local businesses and work to attract new companies to Lexington.  The city plays an important role in providing a business friendly environment for entrepreneurs, investors and business owners.

Fiscal Responsibility–Keeping it within budget

Nothing is more important to city government than a fiscally responsible budget and plan.  Our City Council plays an important role in setting the budget, prioritizing how our tax money is spent, how we save for the future and how we pay for our debts. The city’s policies and regulations passed by the Council impact our daily lives and reflect the values of our citizens. We can do this by implementing accountability and ensuring our dollars spent reflect our properties and needs first.

Education–Advocating for our kids and investing in the future of Lexington

Lexington has an incredibly educated workforce and, as a parent, Amanda believes we should continue to invest in our kids to ensure the success continues. Schools and neighborhoods thrive when there are active parents and active PTA’s. It is important for the private sector, nonprofits and local government to provide support, encouragement and resources when needed to education officials. Amanda believes collaboration is the key to success for the next generation.

Neighborhoods—Greater transparency and inclusive leadership

Amanda would initiate a Neighborhood Association President’s Council to ensure strong communication between local government and constituents. It would also be a forum for a better exchange of best practices and ideas between associations.  Amanda was the first candidate to commit to district work hours in various locations on a regular basis so that constituents can talk directly to her without traveling downtown. These are important issues that take time to discuss and occur best when talking in person.

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