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The Lexington Herald-Leader wrote a profile on the 10th district race. I am incredibly honored to have so much support. It is truly overwhelming and encouraging. Elections matter–even at the city level.

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My response to the Lexington Herald-Leader editorial board:

Four generations of my family grew up in the 10th District, so I know its neighborhoods, parks and schools. I have a strong background in public policy relating to economic development, public safety and environmental protection.

As a leader in the nonprofit community, I will combine my policy knowledge with an “outside the bureaucratic box” thinking which will generate fresh solutions for our city, not the same old ideas of the past.

I will put our kids first by enhancing our neighborhood parks and increasing public safety. I am endorsed by our police and firefighters because of my experience and commitment to emergency management. We need presence in our neighborhoods to decrease speeding, reduce traffic congestion and prevent break-ins.

I will hold regular district office hours to create better access for our constituents. I will create a president’s council with our neighborhood presidents to ensure all areas of the district have their voices heard.

While Harry Clarke pushed for higher taxes and more debt for Rupp Arena renovations, I will support alternative funding solutions. I will support a balanced approach to sustainable growth and believe the public must be included in an inclusive and transparent process.

I will be a tireless advocate for an open and accountable government, for resources devoted to the priorities of basic infrastructure, for our children’s educational opportunities and for the best economic environment for job creation.

Leadership makes a difference and I invite you to learn more at

Amanda Mays Bledsoe
Candidate, Council 10th District

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I’m honored to accept the bipartisan support of Rev. Smith and Gov. Brown.  I’m grateful for their service to our community and their generation’s confidence in me to lead Lexington in the future.  While others in this election will boast of their endorsements–most of whom are people who live outside our district–I’m humbled by these two neighbors who truly represent what leadership means in government, business, and serving those in need.  Leadership makes a difference.


“What do a Preacher and a former Governor have in common? We both love KFC. We shared a church for 30 years. We live in the 10th district. We are pleased to support Amanda Mays Bledsoe for Council.
Amanda has solid experience serving others in our community, working with businesses and government leaders and has an education background suited to fit the needs of Lexington. We have worked with elected officials in both parties and believe she will be a strong, nonpartisan voice for our community. Amanda has an unwavering commitment to public safety and is the only candidate endorsed by the police and fire fighters.
We have served Lexington–and this state–in the past, but elections aren’t about the past; they are about the future. Amanda has clearly proven she has the ability to lead our city for the next generation. We urge our neighbors to vote for Amanda Mays Bledsoe for Council.”
Reverend Wayne B. Smith
Former Governor John Y. Brown, Jr.


I am honored to accept the endorsement of the Bluegrass Lodge 4, Fraternal Order of Police and I look forward to working with them.




I am honored to accept the endorsement from Lexington’s Professional Fire Fighters IAFF 526. It is clear the men and women of the IAFF agree my educational and professional background in homeland security, emergency management and public safety would be a benefit to our city’s leadership.


Press Release, January 14, 2014

Herald Leader, January 13, 2014