I am entering this race because I feel like it is time for new ideas, a new kind of energy and a fresh perspective on the Council.  Lexington remains a truly amazing community, and I genuinely believe we can be even greater with the right leadership in place. Our City Council plays an important role in setting the budget, prioritizing how our tax money is spent, how we save for the future and how we pay for our debts. The city’s policies and regulations passed by the Council impact our daily lives and reflect the values of our citizens.

It is important that we elect representatives who are fiscally responsible, who believe in the opportunity and power of the free- market economy, who believe job creation is the best way to increase productivity while decreasing dependability and who lead by example the character values we hope to instill in our community.

Every mom I talk to wants the same things that I want. For the next generation to have streets that are safer and parks that are cleaner. I want an educational system that raises the bar not lowers expectations. I want neighborhoods that welcome diversity and learn from each other. I want a thriving downtown, filled with economic, social, and cultural opportunities.  I want our college students to invest and stay here because their ideas and contributions are valued and respected. I want a community that celebrates individuality by respecting others.

I want a city that honors our seniors, protects our kids and serves those who need our help—not because we are told to but because it’s simply the right thing to do.